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February 05, 2006

on February 5, 2006

Just added some pictures of our trip to Gettysburg, PA.  I was quite surprised to see so many soldiers from New York, especially Kingston (home town) participated in the battles.


Also added in what I took at the USS Nautilus…  I don’t seem to have one of the entire sub.  Oh well.


6 responses to “February 05, 2006

  1. Kell says:

    Great pictures! Sounds like you had a busy two weeks. Funny how fast the time goes when you aren't at work isn't it?

    Next time you'll have spring in New England to share! You should be seeing the cherry blossoms in DC and the memorials. They're worth a trip to see them at night.

  2. Lisa_SFF says:

    Thanks!! Some times I feel like a button-mashing monkey when I take pictures, not always happy with the results… One of the great things with digital pics, you *see* right away (almost) if the picture is good or not. I did get lucky a few times with my pics. I do love the one I used as the blog picture…

    If we can't get spring in DC for the cherry blossoms, I'm hoping at least we can get Central Park in NYC. That's one of the fairy times there for me. Blossoms falling off the trees in a pink snow. It's breathtaking.

  3. Netty says:

    Umm, no Kelly is right, DC in the Spring hehehehe
    Glad you had such a great time, looking forward to perusing the pics later….sorry it went too fast! I've never had 2 weeks before either, hopefully next year, when we may do Italy ;o)

  4. Lisa_SFF says:

    Yeah, I know DC is special then, and it would be closer to you, as well. But there is something fairy-like about Central Park then. Yes, I'm a New Yorker :)

    Oh! Two weeks in Italy would be LOVELY!

  5. Kell says:

    Ohh, okay, it's the New Yorker thing. Phew. Thought it was something in reference to the 'fairy' thing. ;-)

  6. Lisa_SFF says:

    Yeah, it's a New Yorker thing… You've seen Tavern on the Green all light up? Food isn't really worth it, but the ambiance, very fairy-like… <sigh> I miss New York City at times…

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