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December 13, 2005

on December 13, 2005

1:28 Central – Finshed wolfing down the less than enjoyable lunch.  Why is hotel catering so bad at times?  This business meeting is realtively boring, although it is nice seeing all the sales people, that you really never get to see.  Last night’s dinner was quite nice, although the waiter was a bit rude.  After the very long dinner – we didn’t finish dessert until after9:30 – we went to this game place, and yes! I did bowl.  Or, I should say attempted to bowl.  I at least broke a 100, but was so inconsistent.  I haven’t bowled in something like 10 years!

Today’s sessions are going so slowly…  boring…  though I am sitting with the people from “Edibles” and have been able to discuss all the processes about making peanut butter creamy… Still, it is quite difficult to keep my mind on the topics…  More later, on next break, maybe :)

10:18pm Central – oh… not much free time at all this afternoon.  Well, it is a work trip, so I really shoudn’t complain…  free flight, food and hotel.  AND entertainment.  Improv Asylum (look, we’re listed!)  were the group that did our “Breakthrough Thinking” event this afternoon, and were also our guest “speakers” this evening.  Very fun!  Just like having “Whose Line is it Anyway at your kitchen table.  These guys were quite informative and very funny at the same time.  I must admit this is the rare occasion that I wasn’t thinking of tomorrow all day… even when I spoke about submarines for a full minute….  Can ANYONE talk about anything for a full minute?  Ok, something they don’t know much about?  I ended up talking about Yellow Submarine for most of that time, when I wasn’t laughing because I was doing with with a Director, of all people.  I mentioned something about Ringo, and that had me dreaming a bit… don’t ask me what the connection was, I have no idea, it was just there…

Anyway, I’m hoping to get an earlier flight (7:30am instead of 1:15pm) out of Minneapolis, to try to avoid the 14 inch snowfall predicted for tomorrow…  I do *not* want to take the chance of getting stuck here tomorrow…  so, off to bed for me…  with sweet dreams to follow…  Can’t say when I’ll post again, turn on the computer again…  soon, I hope!


3 responses to “December 13, 2005

  1. Netty says:

    Oh, you DO know that I don't live quite as far from you anymore. When you get home I COULD drive up and kick your ass!

  2. Mags says:

    As I'm veggie, my experience of hotel food is always "mostly rubbish". I think it's worse when they are catering for a large group because then it becomes stuff prepared in bulk and heated on a production line.

    Hope you get home OK with all that snow.

  3. Lisa_SFF says:

    Just got home. Ah… home… :)

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