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December 10, 2005

on December 10, 2005

Wow.  I can’t belive I haven’t been in here since Thanksgiving!  Snow then, snow now…  That sort of makes a parallel.  I seem to have filled up the little free time I’ve had, and just haven’t been able to get here, or anywhere else, to tell the truth.  I’ve also found the wonders of free internet calling – and I thought all those free long-distance minutes on the cell phone were good :)

I was supposed to go see Rathkeltair last night with friends, but with all the ice on the roads, we decided not to attempt it.  Hopefully they’ll be around here again soon.  Unfortunately, this site doesn’t have anything scheduled for next year :( 

I will try to not be away as long …

Update – 12:00

I got some absolutely fantastic news a few hours ago.  My head is still spinning… Maybe I’ll update later, as I’m having some trouble putting words together right now :) 

I have to go make a sandwich now…  I’m quite hungry


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